Welcome to Interior Studio • residential & commercial interior design

Guided by my clients personal style, together we create inviting & comfortable spaces that are uniquely theirs.


My style is classic with a casual feel. I am inspired by nature and I enjoy using a combination of new and old for a timeless look. My signature is to use natural elements and textures. For example burlap and jute accents are some my favorite.


I see the world in details. I appreciate intricate design whether it be butterfly wings or a turtle’s shell. My passion is to fine tune the details in any project so they shine through.

Hands on

I work closely with all parties to ensure the vision of the project is achieved. I personally craft & install the artwork and i’m very involved in the details of custom pieces.


My business is located inside my family’s wallcovering specialty store. Our family business is inside what use to be my grandfather’s old community grocery store. We have a great legacy of customer service and design experience.